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We’ve developed a comprehensive guide, to help our customers understand the testing and inspection requirements under all relevant Australian Standards as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004.

Equipment CategoryAnnual TestAnnual Inspection3 Month Inspection6 Month InspectionRelevant Australian Standard
Concrete lifting eyes/clutchesAS3850.1-2015
Permanently installed friction or glued-in achoragesAS1891.4-2009
Fall arrestor devices & inertia reelsAS1891.4-2009
Air hoistsAS1418.2-1997
Wire coil flat slingAS1438.2-1998
Chain SlingAS3775.2-2014
Eye boltsAS2317-1998
Chain & lever hoists (including trolleys)AS1418.2-1997
V.P.C, H.P.C & girder clampsAS4991-2004
Sheave & snatch blocksAS2089-2008
Hydraulic hoistsAS1418.2-1997
Fabricated lifting spreader barsAS4991-2004
Fabricated lifting clampsAS4991-2004
Fabricated lifting cages & gearAS4991-2004
Fabricated lifting ’c’ hooksAS4991-2004
Fabricated crane man cages/workboxesAS1418.17-1996
Fabricated forklift workboxesAS2359.1-1995
Fabricated forklift jibs & lifting attachmentsAS2359.1-1995
Permanently installed anchoragesAS1891.4-2009
Permanently installed horizontal lifelinesAS1891.4-2009
Vehicle support standsASNZS2538-2004
Steel storage rackingAS4084-2012
Motor vehicle, transport chain tie downsAS4344-2001
Motor vehicle, transport webbing tie downsAS4380-2001
Wire rope slingAS1666.2-2009
Safety harnesses & height safety equipmentAS1891.4-2009
Portable laddersASNZS1892.5-2000
Synthetic flat webbing slingAS1353.2-1997
Synthetic soft round slingAS4497.2-1997
Electric hoists (based on usage)AS1418.2-1997
Cranes (based on usage)AS2550
Vehicle hoists (based on usage)AS1418.9-1996
Vehicle loading cranesAS1488.11-2007

Please note:

  • All equipment must be inspected by operator before use.
  • Equipment subject to heavy usage may require more regular documented inspection.
  • For equipment not shown, refer to appropriate Australian Standards &/or manufacturers specifications.
  • Any item requiring repair must be repaired & proof load tested upon completion to appropriate procedure.

Does your equipment need servicing?

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