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Choosing a Safety Harness


There are many choices when it comes to harnesses, so which one is right for you?

Selecting the right harness for the job will not only improve comfort and function, but it can also extend the life of your harness. So when choosing your next harness, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you going to be in the harness for a long time?

If so, then a padded harness is definitely worth considering. They tend to cost a little more but you will be thankful in the long run and they come complete with quick release buckles and trauma relief suspension straps.

Are you working in a confined space?

Then it’s important you choose a harness that allows greater freedom of movement and features confined space attachment loops.

Will you be working on a pole / tower?

Look for a harness with extra padding, particularly in the crutch area. You may also want to look at a harness that has side pole strap attachment D’s.

Will you be working in a hotwork environment?

Invest a harness that is designed specifically for that purpose. These harnesses feature special soft Heracon/Meta aramid webbing that is heat resistant.

Will you be working in a wet environment?

If you work outside or in an wet environment look for a good quality harness that features extreme-guard oil, water and abrasion resistant webbing, and also stainless steel fittings.

Will you be working in an abrasive environment?

Consider a harness that is tough and has a PVC coated webbing that will increase the life span of the harness.

View our range of safety harnesses here.

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