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Take the guess work out of pre-tension

The National Transport Commission (NTC) makes clear mention of pre-tension in their LOAD RESTRAINT GUIDE.
“Pre-tension capability of a lashing tensioner is critical for the tie-down capacity of lashings used in tie-down restraint” (

Long Handled Ratchet Assembly

SpanSet manufactures a long-handled ratchet assembly with an above-average pre-tension of 500daN.
A higher pre-tension means fewer ratchets which means fewer dollars while doubling your pre-tension capabilities.








Specification: 2500kg lashing capacity, 9 metres

Tension Force Indicator

With SpanSet’s TFI (tension force indicator), you get a visual indication of the pre-tension force quickly and easily. When the jaws of the TFI are closed, it indicates that the maximum pre-tensioning force of 500 daN has been achieved.



How many straps do I need to secure my load?

SpanSet has designed a load restraint app in line with the load restraint guide to help you calculate how many ratchets are needed for your specific application. This visual, innovative aid takes the guesswork out of pre-tension.
SPANSET LASH-CONTROLLER APP available in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

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