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Which Sling is right for your next lift?

Lifting slings are manufactured from various types of materials – each with specific qualities providing advantages and disadvantages.

Chain slings, wire rope slings, woven slings, synthetic flat webbing and round slings can all be used to safely and efficiently lift, move, and position a load. Choosing the right type of lifting sling is dependent on the application, the environment it’s being used in, and how the sling will be used to support and lift the load.

We offer high-quality slings to suit a variety of applications including:

Grade 100 Chain Slings

We can assemble Grade 100 chain slings in a variety of configurations including single-leg, multi (2, 3, & 4) leg or endless slings.

Wire Rope Assemblies

We offer hand and machine spliced wire rope slings manufactured to suit your requirements.
Available in black, galvanised or stainless steel.

Synthetic Flat & Round Slings

We stock a wide range of capacities ranging from small inexpensive slings right up to 80-tonne heavy duty high capacity slings for heavy lifts.
Higher capacities available on request.

Our team have experience and understanding of local industry and Australian Standards to help you choose the right sling to safely and efficiently lift, move, and position a load. Get in touch.

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