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Casar Starlift Wire Rope


CASAR Starlift Wire Rope is a very flexible rope with a core in a special design avoiding crossovers between the strands of core and preventing internal rope destruction. CASAR Starlift is a specialty hoist rope for tower cranes and mobile cranes as well as other applications where rotation resistant ropes are required.

Product features:

  • Temperature range of use: -50 degrees to +75 degrees
  • Available in ordinary lay and lang’s lay
  • Available in right hand and left hand
  • Available in galvanized and ungalvanized

Applications: tower crane, telescopic mobile crane, overhead crane, lattice boom crawler crane, lattice boom mobile crane, luffing-jib tower crane.

RCNDiameter range (mm)Number of outer strandsNumber of wiresNumber of outer load bearing wiresAverage fill factorAverage weight factorAverage spin factor


  • Designed to generate reduced levels of torque and rotation when loaded.
  • Designed with at least two layers of strands laid helically around a centre.
  • The direction of lay of the outer strands being opposite to that of the underlying ladder.

Definition: A rotation resistant steel wire rope has a steel core which is an independant rope, closed in the opposite direction to the outer strands. Under load, the core tries to twist the rope in one direction, the outer strands try to twist in the opposite direction. The geometrical design of a rotation resistant wire rope is such that the moments in the core and the outer strands compensate each other over a wide load spectrum, so that even with great lifting heights practically no rope twist occurs.

Lifting Victoria are an authorised distributor of the CASAR Wire Rope Range. Manufactured in Germany, Casar offer highly engineered ropes that exceed industry standards while providing record-setting service life. Their extensive range includes wire ropes for almost any application. 

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