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Commercial Chain (PWB Proof Coil Chain)


Lifting Victoria supplies commercial chain, also known as proof coil chain, in a self-colour or galvanised finishes. Commercial chain can be used for general purpose applications such as barriers, suspension, gates and many more.

NOTE: Commercial chain is NOT be used for lifting applications.

Approx Size Regular Link Short Link Long Link
M.W.L. M.W.L. M.W.L.
3 mm 0.07 t
4 mm 0.10 t
5 mm 0.20 t 0.20 t
6 mm 0.30 t 0.30 t 0.30 t
8 mm 0.50 t 0.50 t 0.50 t
10 mm 0.80 t 0.80 t 0.80 t
13 mm 1.50 t 1.50 t
16 mm 2.30 t 2.30 t
20 mm 3.67 t
24 mm 5.34 t

Our sales team have experience and understanding of local industry and Australian Standards to help you choose the right product for the application. For specialist advice please contact our sales team on 03 5229 9508 (Geelong) or 03 8360 7923 (Melbourne) or submit an enquiry.

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