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JDN Air Hoists


We sell JDN air hoists as they are one of the safest and most cost efficient methods of pulling, lifting or lowering above or below ground where explosive atmospheres may occur.

Key Features:

  • Low maintenance design delivers 100% duty cycle in all environmental conditions.
  • Only six atmospheres of compressed air required.
  • Immune to dust, mud, dirt, grit, heat, vapours etc.
  • Self-cooling pneumatic motor will not overheat.
  • Low decibel rating.
  • ATEX Approved models for use in dangerous and explosive environments.
  • Fail safe brake in case of air supply failure.

Our sales team have experience and understanding of local industry and Australian Standards to help you choose the right product for the application. For specialist advice please contact our sales team on 03 5229 9508 (Geelong) or 03 8360 7923 (Melbourne) or submit an enquiry.

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