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Grade-4 Long Shank Eyebolts

We supply quality Australian made Long Shank Eyebolts. All eyebolts are manufactured using heat certified Australian steel and comply with Australian Standard AS2317.



  • 6:1 Safety factor
  • Manufactured using only heat certified Australian steel

Available on Request:

  • Special thread forms
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing, Zinc Passivating, Zinc Plating, Chrome Plating, Powder Coating
  • Testing and Certification
TypeWorking Load Limit (t)SizeThread pitchEye inside diameter (C)Product CodeLV Part No.
Metric Coarse0.25M101.524EBLSM10-
Metric Coarse0.4M121.7524EBLSM12-
Metric Coarse0.8M16228EBLSM16-
Metric Coarse1.6M202.532EBLSM20-
Metric Coarse2M222.533EBLSM22-
Metric Coarse2.5M24338EBLSM24-
Metric Coarse2.5M27348EBLSM27-
Metric Coarse4M303.548EBLSM30-
Metric Coarse5M333.548EBLSM33-
Metric Coarse6.3M36455EBLSM36-
Metric Coarse7M39455EBLSM39-
Metric Coarse8M424.566EBLSM42-
Metric Coarse10M48572EBLSM48-
Metric Coarse15M565.595EBLSM56-
Metric Coarse20M64695EBLSM64-
Metric Coarse25M726106EBLSM72-
Metric Coarse30M766106EBLSM76-
Imperial BSW0.253/8"1624EBLSW375-
Imperial BSW0.41/2"1324EBLSW500-
Imperial BSW0.85/8"1128EBLSW625-
Imperial BSW1.63/4"1032EBLSW750-
Imperial BSW27/8"933EBLSW875-
Imperial BSW2.51"838EBLSW1000-
Imperial BSW51 1/4"748EBLSW1250-
Imperial BSW71 1/2"655EBLSW1500-
Imperial UNC0.253/8"1624EBLSU375-
Imperial UNC0.41/2"1324EBLSU500-
Imperial UNC0.85/8"1128EBLSU625-
Imperial UNC1.63/4"1032EBLSU750-
Imperial UNC27/8"933EBLSU875-
Imperial UNC2.51"838EBLSU1000-
Imperial UNC51 1/4"748EBLSU1250-
Imperial UNC71 1/2"655EBLSU1500-
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