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Magswitch Hand Lifter 60-CE with Holster

The Push Button Electric On/Off Magnetic Hand Lifter is ideal for pulling parts out of a cutting table, picking up steel to place on a work table, in a fixture or handling scrap parts.


  • Safety improvements
  • Easier handling
  • Complete on/off control
  • Precise placement: no fighting against strong magnets
  • Super strong hold: let the magnets do the work
  • Exceptional hold on thin steel
  • No site wiring or power needed


Features & benefits:

  • Instant ON/OFF control for small steel transport and material handling. Perfect for fast, repetitive lifting!
  • Super strong magnet up to 200 lb. (90 kg) of grip – more than 3 times the recommended safe working load of 60 lb. (27 kg)
  • Ability to move or handle steel faster with instant actuation.
  • Strong magnet allows transport of heavier material.
  • Cordless battery actuation -fast recharging pick up of hot, sharp or dirty steel without hand contact.
  • Fast pick up and transport of small steel loads.
  • Pipe groove for transporting pipe.

Safety Advantage:

  • No more picking up sharp, hot or greasy steel with your hands.
  • Magnet ‘on’ and battery strength indicator lights for safer and smarter operation.
Part NumberMagnet strength:2:1 Shear Working Load:Full Saturation Thickness:Weight:

Our sales team have experience and understanding of local industry and Australian Standards to help you choose the right lifting magnet for your application. Contact our sales team on 03 5229 9508 (Geelong) or 03 8360 7923 (Melbourne) or submit an enquiry.

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