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Modulift MOD 24 Spreader Beam


Modulift MOD 24 Spreader Beams are versatile, light weight and cost effective. The modular configuration and interchangeable components enable a Modulift Spreader Beam to be reused over many lifts. The full  Spreader Beam range has capacity from 2 – 5000 tonne.

The Modulift Spreader consists of 1 pair of End Units and Drop Links, with intermediate struts that can be bolted into the assembly to achieve different spans. Manufactured in the UK to the highest international standards, the MOD 24 has an assembled span ranging from 1 metres to 8 metres in 0.5 metre increments.

The product is supplied with the manufacturers Declaration of Conformity including conformance to Australian Standards (AS4991) and other world leading standards. Additionally, the Modulift modular spreader range is covered by DNV type approval.

NOTE: Prior to conducting any operations with this device a lift study must be undertaken noting the capacity and tare weights of the device in its various configurations.

Maximum capacity:24.0 tonne
Maximum span:8.0 metres
LIfting Lugs (top) suit:17t Grade S Safety Bow Shackle
Load Lugs (lower) suit:12t Grade S Safety Bow Shackle
Component List
Part Ref.DescriptionWeight/item
P1End Unit17kg
P2Drop Link5kg
P32.0m Strut41kg
P41.0m Strut24kg
P50.5m Strut16kg
P617t Shackle8kg
P712t Shackle5kg
P8M20 x 50, Grade 8.8 HT Bolts, Nuts & Washers-
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