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Stainless Steel Chain – pump lifting

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Cromox AISI 316 L

Cromox is an innovation in the field of Stainless Steel chains, offering real advantages in terms of resistance, in particular with  respect to aggressive medium. The new Cromox brand therefore stands for innovative quality products made by Ketten Wälder, in Germany.

Code Type Master Link mm Chain
Joining Link
KW-179604 PK 4 300 8x54x30 4×16 5x22x9
KW-179605 PK 5 500 10x80x50 5×15 6x26x13
KW-179606 PK 6 750 13x110x60 6×18 8x35x19
KW-179607 PK 7 1000 13x110x60 7×21 8x35x19
KW-179608 PK 8 1250 16x110x60 8×24 10x44x25
KW-179610 PK 10 2000 18x135x75 10×30 13x54x25
KW-179613 PK 13 3200 22x160x90 13×39 16x70x34
KW-179616 PK 16 5000 26x180x100 16×48 22x115x50
KW-179618 PK 18 6300 32x200x110 18×54 26x140x65

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