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Current visual wire rope inspections tend to be wasteful and ineffective. Ropes are usually covered in grease, prohibiting any in service inspection. Not to mention the interior deterioration of ropes that is almost never seen; especially in multi strands. This lack of effective wire rope inspections jeopardizes safety and promotes wasteful rope retirement policies.

Electromagnetic wire rope inspections are a non-destructive wire rope analysis tool. It performs a view of the total cross sectional area of the rope’s conditions providing a more effective and reliable inspection method.

Industrial Inspections Electromagnetic Non destructive testing IWRC cross sectional area.

Since visual wire rope inspections are generally ineffective, a statutory life policy for rope retirement is usually implemented. Wire ropes are then discarded long before the end of the rope’s usefulness; as a result upward to millions in expenses as being wasted. Perfectly good ropes are being discarded and potential risks remain due to the lack of an improper inspection method.

Electromagnetic non-destructive testing of wire ropes provides a solution to this wastefulness. It detects Loss of Metallic Area below the surface of the rope regardless of any grease. Proving useful for detecting interior deterioration through to its entire cross section with the ability to detect inter wire nicking, fatigue breaks and corrosion pitting.
Industrial Inspections Electromagnetic Wire Rope inspections chart
A non-destructive method, such as electromagnetic wire rope inspections, proves useful and effective compared to visual inspections. Increasing a useful rope’s life and detecting serious interior faults long before a visual inspection. This leads to tremendous cost savings and security for your organization.

Lifting Victoria currently has the ability to inspect wire ropes up to 64mm diameter of any construction. Our reports and procedures comply with AS 2759-2004 (Steel wire rope – Use operation and maintenance). Enquire now to learn more on our technology!

In addition to our non destructive testing (NDT) services, we can also offer magnetic particle and dye penetrant, to clients throughout Victoria. We can also organise ultrasonic and eddy current testing as required.

Our AINDT trained technicians can undertake inspection on projects of almost any size and have experience in a range of industries including mining, manufacturing, oil and gas and transport.

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